Wiper Blades & Washer Fluid

wipers1A spotless windshield makes a significant contribution to your safety. The average wiper blade travels roughly 800 km across the surface of your windshield every 6 months. So when you’ve piled on the miles, it often shows in the form of dust specks left behind by rain, snow, ice or pollution.

Wiper Blades

Solar radiation and other environmental factors cause the rubber of every wiper blade to eventually become porous, cracked and hardened. Tough insect residue on the windshield, as well as ice and freezing temperatures in the wintertime, can damage the fine edge of the wiper blade. Change all your wiper blades at the same time.

Volkswagen Original Wiper Blades are designed to withstand harsh weather, wiping away precipitation in all weather conditions. Precision-made rails adapt to the curvature of the windshield, ensuring even contact and pressure and smooth operation throughout their entire service life.

Volkswagen Original Wiper Blades are German-engineered and built to last.

Washer Fluid

Our windshield washer fluid not only clears your window, but also helps remove this debris to keep your glass clean and clear for the journey ahead. But it can’t work on its own. If your wiper blades leave streaks or a dirty film on your windshield, squeak or skip across the glass, it’s time to change them.

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