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Volkswagen Finance Fleet Financing Program

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Fleet services

15,000 km – that’s how far a Volkswagen can go before we recommend you bring it in for maintenance. For your sales force, this means more time on the road and an increase in productivity. For you, it means employees who are twice as happy to be behind the wheel. Add that to our roster of comprehensive warranty, impressive safety features, excellent residual value, and financing that fits your needs, and it’s easy to see why the Volkswagen Fleet is perfect for keeping your business on the road.


The Volkswagen Finance Commercial Fleet Financing Program offers financing and leasing solutions designed to help you get your business moving at an affordable rate.

Volkswagen Finance Commercial Fleet Financing Program features include:


  • Special APR and Lease rates (without Volkswagen Canada Basic Fleet Allowance).
  • Standard APR and Lease rates (with Volkswagen Canada Basic Fleet Allowance).
  • Streamlined Credit Approvals; Line of Credit established for qualified Customers.


 Owasco VW Service

  • Our infrastructure allows you to handle all of your fleet service needs from 1 vehicle per month to 50!
  • Plus, we have a full dedicated fleet department and we offer drivers to pick up and deliver

Eligible customers

  • Available to any business customers who own or lease at least one vehicle.
  • Any commercial applicant that requires multi-vehicle financing including corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, sole proprietorships, universities, and not-for-profit organizations are eligible.

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