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Why do my brakes make a squealing noise sometimes when it’s cold?

If your car has been sitting for a while, if it is wet, or even cold outside, the brakes can oxidize and rust may form. So when the brakes are used for the first time, they may make a squealing noise. After a few stops, the rust will essentially wear off and the noise will disappear as well. If brake noise continues, please visit Owasco VW.

How long should the original tires on my vehicle last?

Tires are subject to wear that can vary based on driving habits and road conditions, so there is not a set timeframe on how long the original tires should last. To help get the most out of your tires, please see the “Tires” section in your Owner’s Manual for proper tire care guidelines.

Can I use E85 fuel in my Volkswagen vehicle?

When it comes to filling up the tank, Volkswagen gasoline-fueled vehicles can use a blend of up to 10% ethanol (E10). We do not recommend using E85 in our gasoline-fueled vehicles.

What type of coolant does Volkswagen recommend?

This one’s pretty important and varies per vehicle. You’ll need to check the “coolant specifications” section in your Owner’s Manual. You can also email and they can help!

What is the recommended maintenance interval for the fuel filter?

Timing is everything when it comes to scheduled maintenance. The recommended interval for the fuel filter can be found in the maintenance booklet of your Owner’s Manual under the “Service schedule” section.

Can I jump-start my Volkswagen?

Yes. If your engine doesn’t start because the vehicle battery is dead, you can connect your vehicle’s battery to the battery of another vehicle to jump-start it. For specific instructions, please reference the “Jump-starting” section in your Owner’s Manual and contact Owasco VW should you have questions.

What is the minimum octane rating gasoline that I should use in my vehicle?

Good question. To identify the minimum octane rating of the gasoline recommended for your vehicle, please check the fuel sticker that is found on the inside of your fuel filler door.

Can I turn off my Daytime Running Lights?

Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) are automatically activated when the ignition is switched on and the light switch is either in the position 0, AUTO, or if the parking lights are on as well. The majority of our vehicles may not allow you to manually turn the DRLs off if the vehicle is running. If your vehicle has the DRL parking feature, the DRLs can be turned off by engaging the parking brake. Please check out your Owner’s Manual for more information on the Daytime Running Lights.

What is Bluetooth®?

Well, you can’t see it, but it can make your life easier. With Bluetooth technology, you can wirelessly connect your compatible phone to your car.

What technology do your Bluetooth® systems use?

Depending on the model, we use the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) and Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) and utilize the Hands Free Profile (HFP). We do NOT use Object Push Profile (OPP).

Are my Bluetooth® device and vehicle compatible?

Some devices get along better with your Volkswagen than others. Check your vehicle model to see if yours is compatible.

I replaced my old iPhone® with a newer model and it does not work with my Bluetooth anymore. How can this be fixed?

Congrats on the new phone! When an iPhone® device is replaced, the new phone may be synced with iTunes® to restore contacts, music, and other information and the new phone may be named the same as the previous phone. Click here for instructions on how to change the name of your new iPhone, so the vehicle can distinguish between the two.

How do I get a replacement key for my vehicle?

Volkswagen keys are tied into the security system for all our cars. This is why all keys need to be programmed to the vehicle’s Immobilizer system. Coding a replacement key for your vehicle requires specialized equipment available only to your Owasco Volkswagen dealership who are qualified to make remote control keys.

Why does my vehicle consume oil?

All internal combustion engines use some oil to provide effective lubrication and cooling for their internal parts. Oil consumption varies from engine to engine and may change over the life of the engine. Engines tend to use more oil during the break-in period than they do afterward when oil consumption stabilizes.

How do you reset the oil service reminder?

For information about resetting the oil service reminder, please refer to the “Instrument Cluster and Instrument Panel” section of the Owner’s Manual.

What is Electronic Stabilization Control (ESC) and how does it work?

In conjunction with the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), Anti-Slip Regulation (ASR), and Electronic Differential Lock (EDL), as well as additional sensors, Electronic Stabilization Control (ESC) helps the driver maintain their intended course by generating corrective forces.

What causes an airbag to deploy?

In certain types of vehicle collisions, pressure sensors and crash sensors detect and rapidly trigger the deployment of corresponding front airbags, side airbags, head curtain airbags, or some combination of the above. Airbags inflate very suddenly to help ensure complete inflation before contacting occupants.

Remember that airbags are supplemental restraints only and will not deploy under all crash circumstances. Always use safety belts and seat children only in the rear, using restraint systems appropriate for their size and age.

Will a side or rear impact or rollover cause the airbag to deploy?

Your safety is important to us. Here are some details on how our airbag system works. First of all, the system is designed to only deploy the airbags facing the direction of the collision. The front airbags only deploy in a frontal collision if there is sufficient force and the angle of impact falls within the 60-degree span of the centerline of the vehicle. Side airbags are mounted in the seats and move with the occupants to help optimize protection. A side airbag will deploy in response to a signal from a crash sensor or a pressure sensor. An impact on one side of the vehicle may not deploy the side airbag on the opposite side. Side Curtain Protection® airbags drop down from the roofline above the door frames to help protect front and rear occupants from intrusion, splintering glass, and side window ejection. They also help provide increased protection in some types of rollover accidents or secondary impacts.

Remember that airbags are supplemental restraints only and will not deploy under all crash circumstances. Always use safety belts and seat children only in the rear, using restraint systems appropriate for their size and age.

What factors will affect my vehicle’s fuel economy?

There are a lot of factors that affect your fuel economy. Your personal driving habits, external conditions such as the weather and temperature, and the vehicle condition can play a role. See here for EPA estimates.

How can I raise the windshield wiper arms without them hitting the hood?

In the service position, the wiper arms can be lifted away from the windshield. For full details, please see the “Lights and Vision” section of your Owner’s Manual.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. The engine hood must be closed.
  2. Switch the ignition off, turn it on briefly, and then off again.
  3. Press the windshield wiper lever down briefly when the ignition is off.
  4. Wipers move into the service position.

Note: Carefully fold the wiper arms back onto the windshield before driving. If you switch the ignition on and press the windshield wiper lever down briefly, the wiper arms move back to their original position.

Sometimes my vehicle remains locked even after the key fob has unlocked the vehicle. Why?

If the vehicle is unlocked with the remote control key and a door or the rear hatch aren’t opened within a few seconds, the vehicle will automatically lock again. It’s all designed to help prevent you from leaving the vehicle unlocked unintentionally.

How do I unlock the trunk if I locked my key in the trunk?

That’s a bummer… You will need to call roadside for lockout assistance to get into the passenger compartment. Once inside, you can access the trunk referring to the “Emergency Opening” section in your Owner’s Manual.

How do I unlock the doors when the key fob battery is dead or disabled?

Batteries have the worst timing. But you can manually unlock the doors using the key bit. If there is a concealed lock cylinder, which applies to most vehicles with keyless entry (Fig 1), you can insert the key bit into the opening of the cover cap on the driver door (Fig 2). Once the cap has been removed, you can insert the key bit into the lock cylinder to unlock (or lock) the door. Then, reinsert the cover cap from top to bottom until it clicks into place. Be sure and check your Owner’s Manual in the section titled “Emergency Closing and Opening” for important information and warnings.

Can I tow a trailer with my Volkswagen?

Your Volkswagen was primarily designed for carrying passengers, not for towing. But if you wish to tow a trailer, please check your Owner’s Manual to identify the maximum permissible trailer weights (if applicable) and any additional information regarding towing recommendations.

How do I get the wheel bolts off my wheels?

Before you apply elbow grease, information regarding the removal of wheel bolts can be found in the “Do It Yourself” section of the Owner’s Manual.

How do I deactivate the anti-theft system in my Volkswagen once the alarm is triggered?

As long as you unlock the vehicle with the unlock button on the remote control vehicle key, or switch on the ignition with a valid vehicle key, it should help deactivate the anti-theft alarm.

For more information about the anti-theft system, check out the “Opening and Closing” section of your Owner’s Manual.

I have a warning light on. What does it mean?

We’ve drawn it all out for you.  A list of warning and indicator lights can be found in your Owner’s Manual in the “Instrument Cluster and Instrument Panel” section.

Don’t have the manual handy?  While you should always consult your Owner’s Manual, for a digital quick reference, visit for a downloadable PDF.

Should I maintain higher-than-recommended air pressure in my tires to get better fuel economy?

We’re sticklers for the rules. The correct tire inflation pressure for the factory-installed tires is listed on a label. The factory-installed tires may be summer, winter, or all-season tires. The label is on the inside of the fuel filler flap. Underinflation or overinflation may shorten the service life of your tires and affect the handling of the vehicle.

I’m going on a road trip. Where can I find a compass zone map?

Road trip? We like the sound of that. The compass zone map can be found in your Owner’s Manual under the “Instrument Cluster and Instrument Panel” section.

How do I prevent my gas cap from dangling on the vehicle while I refuel?

There’s a place for everything. We have two different kinds of gas caps and each has a different way it can be “parked” while refuelling. For the caps with the green peg at the bottom, the peg goes in a smallholder on the opened filler flap. For caps with two notches at the rim, the cap is placed with the notches on the edge of the filler flap.

Is the RNS 315 capable of receiving HD radio stations?

This system cannot receive HD stations. For one that can check out the RCD 510, RNS 510, RCD 810, RNS 850, MIB and MIB II radios.

Is there any restriction on the length of a trailer our Tiguan, Routan, Touareg or Atlas can tow?

You’ll need to check your Owner’s Manual for towing information. Know that there may be local, state, and federal rules about the length of a rig, so you’ll need to inquire with the relevant authorities to find out.

If a tire is filled with nitrogen gas, can it be refilled with non-nitrogen gas from a common tire pump?

To keep it simple, yes, the tire can be filled with regular air.

Can you adjust the brightness on a backup camera screen on a Premium VIII radio?

Sorry, no. The Premium VIII radio has no adjustments for the picture brightness.

What does an AFS error message mean?

Allow us to enlighten you. The Adaptive Front-lighting System (AFS) available in some of our vehicles may trigger an error message to alert the driver about a possible malfunction with the system.

What is the range of the remote starter for the Passat?

The remote starter has a range of about 120-130 feet with a clear line of sight, but it would be less if the signal has to go through walls.

Is the DSG an automatic transmission?

Well, the DSG is not an automatic transmission in the true sense (though it makes no difference in the look and feels); it is a manual transmission that shifts automatically.

How do you remove the charging plug in the 2017 e-Golf?

You must first press the unlock button twice on the key fob. Then you may unplug the charger from the vehicle.

If the process above isn’t working for you, perform the following emergency release procedure, which is also outlined in the “Do It Yourself” section of your Owner’s Manual:

  1.  Press and hold the immediate charging button on the charge socket (the one with the picture of an electrical plug) and at the same time press and hold the unlock button on the key fob.
  2.  While pressing both buttons (with the cable release button depressed), attempt to gently remove the charge cable.

In the event you’re unable to remove the cable after performing the steps for the emergency release, please contact Owasco VW or Customer CARE at 1-800-822-8987, 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. EST.

How do I use the voice command to start navigation?

Full instructions can be found in the “Voice Operation” section in your Owner’s Manual.

But here are some easy steps you can follow to try starting your navigation using voice commands:

  1. Press the “Talk” button.
  2. Wait for the tone.
  3. Say the command: “New Destination.”
  4. Always pay careful attention to the road, and do not drive while distracted.

How do I set the clock in the model year 2012 and newer vehicles?

Timing is everything, as they say. Once the vehicle is parked, here’s how you do it:

  1. Press the clock button to highlight the hour.
  2. Press the set button to change the hour to the proper setting.
  3. Press the clock button to highlight the minutes.
  4. Press the set button to change the minutes to the proper setting.

For more details, please see the “Instrument Cluster” section in your Owner’s Manual.

How do I use launch control?

As long as your vehicle is equipped with launch control, information about using this feature can be found in the “Shifting” section of your vehicle’s Owner’s Manual.

Why doesn’t my 2015 Golf R center console armrest open?

The center console armrest was not designed to open.

Does the e-Golf electric motor have a break-in period?

There is no break-in period for the electric motor in our e-Golf.

Are there radio codes for the MIB and MIB II radios?

We’ve made this pretty simple. There is no radio code for the new MIB radios. If the vehicle’s battery dies, is disconnected, or is removed, the radio should regain operation when the battery is charged, reconnected, or replaced.

What does the “S” on the transmission selector lever mean?

Looking for a little more performance in your day? The “S” stands for “Sport” mode, which will change the way the transmission shifts up or down. In essence, it will shift the transmission in a more sporty way. This means when accelerating, the next higher gear will be selected later allowing the engine’s RPMs to go higher before shifting. When decelerating, the transmission will shift earlier in a lower gear, again keeping the RPMs higher and the whole driving experience sportier. Now, we should mention that when the vehicle is in Sport mode, it does use more fuel.

What does brake assist do?

Brake assist is a feature that detects when the accelerator pedal is released quickly and the brakes are depressed suddenly with force—both of which indicate an emergency braking situation. In this situation, the brake system will apply extra braking power.

What is DCC®?

We’re all about handling. DCC® adaptive chassis control is an adaptive damping system available in some models. It is an adjustable system that automatically adapts to continually changing driving situations to take braking, steering, and accelerating factors into account.

Why is the Touareg battery located under the seat?

The battery placement was simply a design decision based on the available space in the engine compartment.

How do I set up Android Auto™?

To view steps to set up Android Auto™, please click here.

How to fix the failed power windows on my Volkswagen Beetle?

Your window may have stopped working due to a damaged or worn out window regulator. Please call Owasco Volkswagen Service at 905-579-0010 and speak with one of our Service Advisors to learn more.

Why my Volkswagen Atlas doesn’t start?

When this happens to any vehicle, the number one element that comes in mind is, a dead battery. If the battery is not dead and working, it could be damaged or worn out battery terminals. Finally, if the above items are checked and found to be working then there could be something wrong with the key fob or park switch. To learn more, you can reach Owasco Volkswagen Service Advisers at 905-579-0010 Monday to Saturday.

Why my 2012 Volkswagen Jetta doesn’t start when it rains?

It is not a common problem for a seven-year-old car to have this problem. Though, if it has a high mileage then those elements have to be factored in as well. It seems that your car needs a Coil Pack. A Coil Pack is used to create a spark for each engine cylinder’s spark plug.

Is the 2019 Volkswagen e-Golf fully electric?

Yes, it is. It has an estimated range of 201 km on one charge and is named the most-fuel efficient compact car by Natural Resources Canada. To book a test drive, please call Owasco Volkswagen at 905-579-0010 and speak to one of our Volkswagen Brand Specialists.

Will my airbag deploy if the ‘Air Bag’ light is on?

Airbags are an extremely important safety feature and it is tasked to save lives by deploying during head-on collisions. Therefore, driving with turned on airbag light is not recommended, and you should call Owasco Volkswagen Service Department at 905-579-0100 and speak to one of our Service Advisors.

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