VW Jetta Winter Tires

Price: $690.00$1,200.00

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❄️Winter Tire Sale – Bulk Pricing Available To Our Customers!

This year a limited amount of winter tires are available so hurry in before they’re sold out. We order in bulk so we can pass the savings onto our customers!


Step 1: Pick your model year

Your tire size may vary depending on your model year! If you are not sure, please just fill out the form below or give us a call and we can assist.


Step 2: Choose your preferred tire brand

Please note that both Continental & Pirelli tires cost the same.

Continental Viking Contact

Winter resistance enhanced by German technology Superb grip performance on wintry and wet surfaces, perfect tracking stability under all wintry conditions & powerful traction and braking on icy and snowy roads. Read More …

Pirelli Winter Ice Zero FR

This is the ideal choice for those who drive in Nordic winter conditions looking for a high level of stability and control with a superior driving comfort. The ICE ZERO™ FR is the studless solution of the Pirelli ICE ZERO collection, performance and control at top level. Specifically developed for owners of city/medium cars, premium sedans and SUV. Featuring also RunFlat Technology. Read More …



Step 3: Do you want Alloy Wheels or Steel Wheels

Benefits of Alloy Wheels
Alloy wheels are made of an alloy of light metals, namely aluminum, magnesium, or both. They’re usually lighter than steel wheels which means quicker acceleration and quicker stopping. This also means less strain on suspension components.

Benefits of Steel Wheels
Steel Wheels are typically cheaper than Alloy wheels. They are also more easily repaired than alloy wheels, as steel can often be hammered back into place when bent.

Cosmetic differences
Visual differences are, for many drivers, the primary factor in whether to purchase steel or alloy wheels. Alloys are more conducive to complex styling of the wheel itself.


Step 4: Choose your tire size

What does that mean and how do I know what my tire size is?

195/65R15: These are for 15″ tires (2017 & Earlier)
205/55R16: These are for 16″ tires (2017 & Earlier)

205/60R16: These are the only option for 2019-2021 Jetta Models

Not sure what your tire size is? No problem!

  • Option 1: Take a look at your tires, it will be written on them (see picture below)
  • Option 2: Give us a quick call and we can search your VIN to let you know 905-579-0010
  • Option 3: Fill out the form below and we can assist you with a quote


Step 5: Add to Cart

Pricing is for a set of 4 tires. When you add to cart, make sure you only add “1 set” 


Step 6: Installation

If you would like to have them installed by us, please use the option to pick up your tires vs having them delivered. We are more than happy to store your winter tires until you would like to put them on. Once you place your order, we will have our appointment coordinator contact you to schedule your winter tire swap!

We are here to help!

Fill out the form below if you are looking for any assistance!

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