T1 Bus Tube Scarf

Price: $19.99

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In contrast to common and usually annoying masks, which one easily forgets in the car, the multifunctional scarf not only makes it easier for you to speak and breathe due to its 100% skin-friendly polyester, but can also be worn comfortably as a stylish scarf that can be easily pulled over the mouth or nose if necessary. No matter where you want to go – be it public transportation, restaurants, shopping, your daily jog or your ski trip with family and friends:
The BRISA® multifunctional cloth is there for you in every situation. You can use it in cold weather as a scarf, half balaclava, cap and in warmer weather or during sports as a headband, hair band and many other wearing looks. The quick-drying and breathable material always adapts to your needs.

The ideal companion for young and old – not only for fans of the Volkswagen legends.

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