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The Award Winning 2018 Atlas

July 24th | Dominic Madej

Dominic AKA The Dominator here, Sales Manager from Owasco VW! We have had a massive year with the redesign of the 2019 Jetta and the 2018 Tiguan. But besides that, one of the most exciting changes was the introduction of the 2018 Atlas.

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We take anything in on trade … really!

July 24th | Erik  Kropman

Hey guys, I am Erik, one of our Sales Managers here at Owasco VW. Many of you have probably seen the line we put on our ads saying “We take anything in on Trade” and people always come to me and say … yeah right! It’s 100% true though! If you have something you would like to trade in, we will take a look and try to make it work!

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Customizing your Volkswagen

July 19th | Brent Ferguson

As many of you know, I’m Brent Ferguson, Parts Manager for Owasco VW! Summer is the perfect time to customize your VW! Most people spend a good part of their day driving; going to work, going to school, dropping the kids off a soccer practice, grocery shopping, family vacations etc. Your VW should match your lifestyle, whatever it may be.

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Summer Road Trip Checklist

July 12th | Kyle Verwey

Hi everyone! I’m Kyle, service manager for Owasco VW! I hope everyone is enjoying the summer so far! With the kids off school and weather being nice & warm, it’s time for those family road trips! So here is a couple tips to make sure you and your Volkswagen are ready to go.

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Meet the All-New 2019 Arteon

July 5th | Dominic Madej

Hi everyone, as many of you know – I’m one of the Sales Managers here at Owasco VW. I wanted to give you a sneak peek at the newest member of the VW Line-up, the 2019 VW Arteon. We are excited to announce that it will be arriving at the dealership this winter!

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Is OEM parts really better than Aftermarket?

June 28th | Brent Ferguson

We get asked, why should I buy OEM Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts? There is many reasons why it’s better to do so, but here are the Top 5 Reasons:

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Legends Centre – North Oshawa

June 12th | Dominic Madej

We are proud and excited to announce that we have partnered with the Legends Centre in North Oshawa! This past Thursday we had our official ribbon cutting ceremony where Bob Verwey Sr, the Mayor, and our friends at the Legend Centre got to celebrate this occasion!

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What are the benefits to VW Pollen Filters

June 5th | Brent Ferguson

You may not always see it, but the air outside your vehicle can be filled with various particles. These range from dust, pollen or even dirt.

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