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How often do I need to change the oil in my vehicle?

We recommend changing the oil and filter in Volkswagen vehicles every 1 year or 15,000 kilometers, whichever occurs first. The exception is the Routan, which is recommended every 10,000 kilometers. Always reference your Owner’s Manual for service intervals and scheduled maintenance information.

How often do I need to change the timing belt on my vehicle?

The answer depends on what you’re driving. Since it can be different for every vehicle, it is best to refer to your Owner’s Manual for service intervals and schedule maintenance information for changing the timing belt.

How should I clean the touchscreen panel in my vehicle?

Fingerprints. We don’t like them either. The best way to clean the touchscreen surface of your vehicle’s radio would be using an anti-static cleaning cloth. Just make sure that you switch off the radio before you do, so you don’t change your favorite station by accident.

How do I check the automatic transmission fluid on my Volkswagen?

There is no easy way to do this as our vehicles (except the Routan) do not have a transmission oil dipstick. Information about the maintenance and service intervals for your automatic transmission can be found in the Warranty and Maintenance Booklet of your Owner’s Manual.

What type of oil should I use in my Volkswagen?

Good question! It is important that the engine oil used in your vehicle conforms to our specifications. To find out what engine oil specification is recommended for your vehicle, please see your Owner’s Manual.

Is there a minimum amount of tread that has to be present on three tires if someone is going to replace only one tire (rather than all four) that is damaged?

For detailed information about the tire replacement and tread depth recommendations, please see the “Tire” section in your Owner’s Manual. It is important to remember that tires should be replaced in pairs, rather than individually.

Where can I go online to locate tires that are recommended for my VW?

You can start with us here at Owasco VW, but you can also visit the Tire Locator.

Is there information regarding the fuse layout on our vehicles that is available for our drivers?

Before you get under the hood, you should know we don’t include fuse diagrams in the Owner’s Manuals because, based on the many different equipment levels, there are too many different layout versions. If something is malfunctioning in the electrical system, the Owner’s Manual does provide a guide on how to find and replace a burned-out fuse.

Does VW use any undercoat protectant on their vehicles to help prevent early corrosion or rust?

To help protect against corrosion perforation, our vehicles are treated in a phosphate bath (and a dip paint bath) before painting. After this, we use three layers of paint: primer/filler, base, and a clear coat. A cavity sealer is used in most corrosion-sensitive areas. For example, the wheel housing and underbody are treated with an additional protective sealant or film. This is a tougher elastic coating to help prevent stone chipping.

Can I use blended motor oil? Synthetic or mineral?

With the exception of the Routan, Volkswagen vehicles use fully synthetic engine oil ONLY.

What does the turned-on check engine light mean on my car?

A simple answer can not be provided for this question as many things can be wrong with the vehicle when the check engine light is turned-on, on your Volkswagen or any other vehicle. It could be as small as loose or damaged gas cap to as big as an engine has some serious problems. At Owasco Volkswagen, our trained and certified technicians will use the specially designed tools to connect to your vehicle and download the data as to what is causing the check engine light to turn on. Please don’t hesitate and call Owasco Volkswagen Service at 905-579-0010 by phone Monday to Saturday to schedule an appointment for diagnostic of your vehicle.

How to turn off the flashing check engine light on my SUV?

Many functions are tied up to the lights that illuminates on your vehicle’s dashboard. It is not recommended to drive a vehicle with turned-on or flashing check engine light. It may damage the vehicle and it may be safe to do so. It is however better to run a diagnostic test and find the root of the problem. Therefore, the best solution is to call your Owasco Volkswagen Service department at 905-579-0010 for more information.

Why is my steering wheel shaking at Highway speeds?

A shaking steering wheel is commonly an indication that your vehicle’s tires may need to be balanced properly. Secondly, brake rotors or brake calipers may be worn out or sticking to the wheels. Thirdly, the steering wheel and the car may vibrate because it needs co alignment. It is always crucial to have your vehicle checked out by a licensed mechanic. We service all makes and models at Owasco Volkswagen.

What are the symptoms of bad glow plugs?

There are three main symptoms of a bad glow plug that may be easily identifiable by the driver and or the passenger of a Diesel-powered engine. Typically, a bad glow plug may affect a vehicle’s acceleration, fuel consumption and overall performance in normal driving conditions. It may also accelerate engine misfires. On the other note, black smoke may be released from a diesel-powered vehicle’s tailpipe which is another indication that glow plug has to be replaced.

What happens if I don’t change engine oil on my car?

You should always follow what is stated and recommend in your vehicle’s owner’s manual to make sure your car functions the way it was intended to do so. Never the less, if engine oil and filter is not changed when it is required, the engine may seize. The recommended oil velocity by your manufacturer circulates in the engine to lubricate many parts.

Why does my car burn oil?

Cars usually burn oil due to high mileage or poor maintenance. For instance, if recommended maintenance as per your owner’s manual is not completed at a time, date, and or mileage stated then it will damage your car and in this case the engine to burn more oil. It is however very important to check and make sure that your car is not losing oil due to a leak. Furthermore, to pin point the cause of this issue please reach us by phone at 905-579-0100 or click here to send us an email and one of your service advisors will be happy to assist you.

Why is coolant leaking from oil filter housing on my 2005 Volkswagen Beetle?

Driving your beetle with leaking coolant/anti-freeze will overheat its engine and it may seize and cost way more to repair it. Never the less, a damaged coolant O-ring can be the cause of the leak. Please note that coolant is toxic and always take adequate precautions when working around it.

Why does the engine overheat on my 2007 Volkswagen Beetle?

Many elements should be factored in to understand the core cause of this problem. Therefore, please reach on of our Service Advisers via phone at 905-579-0010 or by email at Generally, an engine may overheat due to a coolant/anti-freeze leak or radiator fan not working which will prevent engine from cooling down.

Is it better to get a new engine for my Jetta or rebuild it?

Please call Owasco Volkswagen Service at 905-579-0010 and speak with one of our Service Advisors. You can also reach us by email at

How do I prevent oil sludge on my VW Passat?

Always follow the recommended maintenance service stated in your owner’s manual and follow it regularly. Engine oil has to be changed regularly along with the correct high-quality filter. Always, use the recommended oil and filter for your Volkswagen Passat as stated in your owner’s manual.

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