Jaiden M: Sales Brand Specialist


Phone: 905-721-4094  | Email: Jaiden.M@owasco.com


 I am proud and excited to begin my journey in the automotive industry here at Volkswagen with the Owasco family. I originate from an athletic background as a Varsity Football player with the University of Toronto Varsity Blues. I transitioned my enthusiasm, passion and camaraderie from football to sales in the Health and Wellness industry. Through consulting people based off their individual needs and goals, I have worked collaboratively as both a lead fitness advisor and sales manager to help motivate thousands of people take their first steps in their own journey to becoming the best version of themselves.  Outside of work, my hobbies include spending time with friends and family; whether it is going camping in the summer or spending Sunday dinner’s watching football. I come from a family with over 25 years of automotive experience and I am looking to set a strong example for my two younger siblings Riley and Kelly as well make both my parents proud as I work hard to establish my own reputation. Be a part of Owasco team and let’s cruise our way to your dream vehicle in the smoothest, easiest way possible.