Brake Pads and Discs


Your brakes are your vehicle’s most important safety system and are crucial to keeping you safe. They must be in perfect working order to operate quickly and effectively in hazardous situations.

Your vehicle’s handling, weight, speed and especially, the quality of its components play a decisive role when you apply the brakes. When the brake pads are pressed against the spinning brake disc, the pads and the discs wear down. If brakes wear unevenly, the risk of skidding is increased. If brake pads have worn down completely, metal rubs against metal. The heat build-up increases, producing deep scars and cracks on the brake disc. This will reduce braking performance.

Brake discs and pads are the components subject to the most extreme wear and tear along with your tires. If one of these components wears out, it should be replaced immediately.

Right part. Right price.

Don’t trust your safety to just any brakes. Volkswagen Original Brake Pads and Discs are designed specifically for your Volkswagen and are engineered to withstand your vehicle’s weight, handling and speed while working with the other components in your car. No retrofitting required, no modifications needed.

Count on Volkswagen Original Brake Pads and Discs to:

  • ensure optimal braking performance and shorter braking distances in a range of weather conditions and speeds
  • support your vehicle’s weight and engine speed
  • withstand punishing conditions without warping or breaking


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