Benefits of Winter Tires

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Changing Seasons? Change Your VW Tires.

Why winter tires? Slush, ice, snow and even dry roads can lead to hazardous road conditions in winter. Equipping your Volkswagen with winter tires increases your traction and shortens your stopping distance, helping to prevent accidents. When the temperature dips below 7°Celsius, your safety depends on having good quality winter tires.

Better Braking Distance

On dry pavement, with temperatures just below freezing, the stopping distance for vehicles equipped with winter tires is 30% less than vehicles with all-season tires.



Better Traction

Winter tires have better traction on a snowy surface at temperatures of -40°C than all-season tires have at +4°C.

Vehicle Cornering

In a cornering comparison where both cars and SUVs had to make a 90-degree turn at 40 km/h, only the vehicles equipped with winter tires were able to complete the turn.


Decreased Aquaplaning Effect

Winter tires’ tread design provides high-drainage capacity, which counters the danger of aquaplaning, which can occur when the road surface is wet or when there is standing water.

Timing is everything

When temperatures consistently hit below 7°C, the time is right to change your tires.