battery3The battery is the main source of the power required to start your engine, and also serves as a storage device for the energy produced by the alternator as you drive. Major advances are being made every day in electronics, and an increasing number of your vehicle’s devices and controls depend on the vehicle’s power supply network.

Car battery performance declines significantly at low temperatures. In winter, a considerable amount of extra power is required to start the engine, run the ventilating fan and produce heat for the interior. Intense heat and extended downtimes cause batteries to self-discharge, and thus shorten their service life.

Breakdown statistics published by major automobile associations show that battery failure is the leading cause of problems on the road, and not just when it comes to older vehicles. Batteries are typical wear parts and should be replaced every 4 to 5 years.

To ensure longevity and reliability, have your battery tested according to your vehicle’s maintenance schedule.

Right part. Right price.

Volkswagen Original Batteries are built only from high-quality materials that are designed to withstand severe weather conditions. With a cold-start guarantee in winter and enhanced reliability during hot summers, you can count on your Volkswagen Original Battery to last.

Count on Volkswagen Original Batteries to:

  • be made of high-quality materials lasting longer and offering outstanding value for money
  • be reliable and dependable in nearly all temperatures
  • be completely maintenance free
  • have an integrated acid level indicator to allow you to check its condition at a glance


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