Auwesta H: VW Brand Specialist

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My Schedule:

Monday: 12:30PM-8:30PM

Tuesday: 12:30PM-8:30PM

Wednesday: 9AM-5PM

Thursday: 9AM-5PM


Saturday: 9AM-5PM

Sunday: CLOSED



Your best friend in car sales! No, I don’t have a bright color tie and no I will not force you to sign the dotted line, I might, however, go on and on about my Maltese / Shih Tzu mix dog Coco. I’ve spent my entire life in sales starting from running around the streets of Kabul, Afghanistan where I would sell my dad’s jewelry and nowhere at Owasco helping great people find great cars that fit their needs and budget.

I started my car sales career at Toyota where I met great people and learned a lot but I have always driven Volkswagen and I am completely in love with the brand so I decided to make the change and start selling what I love. Being at Volkswagen now I feel great about what I do which is getting more people driving the best car in the market today!

Come on in and ask me any questions you might have on our line up or just to learn more about our products!